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VCI Nederland is the company for all your tissue culture planting material. Do you want to know how we can serve you?



VCI Nederland is a major player in the market for tissue culture production and 1 year cultivation for Lily bulbs, Potato mini tubers and hardened Perennials in plug.  The company is Naktuinbouw Elite® certified for Bedding plants  and registered at NAK as a licensed producer of Seed Potato (micro plants, micro tubers, vitro plants and mini tubers).

VCI Nederland is a certified company. This is a guarantee that its services is in accordance with procedures described in internationally recognized standards. For the internal organisation VCI uses a self-developed quality QMS (Quality Manufacturing System). This system is based on ISO standards, but goes further in terms of quality of the products themselves.

All activities are focused on tissue culture production  of Lily, Potato, Pot plants, Cut flowers, Bedding plants, Perennials, Sugarcane, Banana, Pineapple.

Production takes place in the Netherlands, India and Ethiopia.

VCI Nederland BV
Daltonstraat 7
1704 SX Heerhugowaard

T. +31 (0)72 5762850
E. admin@vcinederland.nl