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VCI Nederland is the company for all your tissue culture planting material. Do you want to know how we can serve you?



In 2003 VCI Nederland became a certified Naktuinbouw Elite® producer and we produce Elite® plant material for licensees and customers.

The entire production of the Elite® certified material complies with the stringent standards and procedures of Naktuinbouw. The stringent standards relate to the internal and external quality and the health of the propagating material. Laboratory tests are required to comply with the norms for varietal trueness, origin, absence of viruses,  fungi, bacteria or nematodes and quality.

This Elite® certificate confirms that the producer supplies propagating material of a high standard of quality. Customers who choose certified propagating material can also improve the standards of their own production, as certified material often results in better growth and higher production.

The Naktuinbouw quality brands enjoy worldwide recognition. Increasing numbers of companies are opting for these quality-plus systems, for the certainty of a good start.

The kernel of Naktuinbouw Elite® certification system includes:

•   Clearly defined quality and health requirements

•   A controlled breeding process that has been reviewed and approved by Naktuinbouw

The Naktuinbouw quality mark confirms that the material has been assessed on several occasions and that based on this Naktuinbouw can endorse the quality indicated by the producer.

Naktuinbouw Elite® certificate

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