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VCI Nederland is the company for all your tissue culture planting material. Do you want to know how we can serve you?



In the production of potato seedlings, tissue culture has played a significant role for quite some time. The enormous pressure of disease in, among others, Erwinia cannot be avoided via the traditional seed potato propagation. One hundred percent disease-free and excellent seed potatoes can only be produced via tissue culture production in a laboratory.

Since 2001, VCI Nederland has concentrated on potato production through tissue culture and the cultivation of mini tubers of free breeds and protected breeds. Supervised by NAK the tissue culture plants and mini tubers are produced and delivered with a NAK passport.

At the start of the tissue culture production, both potato tubers and stem segments are used to create new plantlets. The tubers or stem segments are first selected, sterilized and than the shoots are placed on a sterile culture medium. The newly formed shoots serve as the basis for propagation in the laboratory.  Propagation of potato plants in our laboratory up to the production of mini tubers in a louse-free greenhouse takes about 40 weeks.

By checking at every stage in the process for mould, viruses and bacteria, the mini tubers arrive at our customers bacteria free and with a NAK certificate.

NAK certificate

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