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VCI Nederland is the company for all your tissue culture planting material. Do you want to know how we can serve you?



Tissue culture is the propagation of plants under sterile conditions, whereby segments of bulb and plant tissue are excised, disinfected and then implanted in a sterile culture medium.  By implanting this tissue (called the explant) in a specific nutrient medium, we can partially control the further development and encourage propagation or rooting, for example.

These plantlets are grown under sterile conditions in climate cells, which are optimally regulated in terms of light and temperature. And these growing conditions are so favourable that the propagation process can be repeated every five to eight weeks.

The repetition of this process at such short intervals makes tissue culture the ideal solution for rapid plant propagation. By cutting and keeping the plants under sterile lab conditions, we can make the plant material disease-free and ensure that it remains so. This is of enormous advantage to our customers, who specifically need pure propagation material for the cultivation of e.g. parent batches.

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