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VCI Nederland is the company for all your tissue culture planting material. Do you want to know how we can serve you?



In addition to our large-scale production abroad, VCI has a highly qualified team of researchers in the Netherlands, who concentrate on the development of tissue culture and new, highly promising propagation techniques. To realise the joint research goals, the laboratory in Heerhugowaard is equipped with the latest equipment and staffed by enthusiastic analysts. This lab works intensively on:

  • the development of new propagation techniques,
  • the optimisation of current techniques,
  • the development of entirely new propagation methods,
  • but also on specific research assignments for third parties, such as interspecies hybridisation, embryo rescue and the elimination of viruses and the preservation of parent lines.

VCI Nederland BV
Daltonstraat 7
1704 SX Heerhugowaard

T. +31 (0)72 5762850
E. admin@vcinederland.nl